All of us girls take care of our look. Not just clothing but also face, hands, nails… Nice nails usually give us impression that this person takes care of herself. That’s why I have picked opi gel color chart to talk about. A lot of people argue if gel is better or acrylic. I always go for gel, it seems more natural and it’s way better for your nails. So, let me introduce opi gel color chart. I’m sure you will be amazed by the colors and the names that are really clever.

Gel colors by Opi

Opi is really successful when it comes to gels or nail polishes. There are colors for everyone.

High quality products are trademark of opi. Opi has created axiom soak-off gel lacquer that applies as normal nail lacquer just under UV light. It takes base, gel lacquer and soak-off gel sealer and you will have perfect nails. This is truly a luxury for your nails and you are going to love it. Here you can see Axxium Soak-off Opi gel color chart.

Opi gel color chart

As you can see on the color chart opi gel has all kinds of shades, and for ladies who like sparkles opi gel color chart has glitzerland, ds radiance, Lucerne tainly look marvelous.

Opi Led gel color chart
Opi has launched new kind of gel,at the end of 2011, that cures under the led light. It takes less time to get your nails done than axxium gel. Also, opi led gel color chart will show you mat colors, and if you like them you must not miss out on these colors. But because the top coat is missing, mat colors will last for about 2 days, which is a bit short but it will still look amazing. Opi led gel is in the bottle with the brush, which means a lot to the cosmeticians because they only have to shake the bottle and the gel will get smooth. According to experts, a big improvement to these led gels is using of new led lighting technology.

Gel color chart

Honestly, on of my favorite shades from opi gel color chart is Lincoln park after dark. When you look at the bottle it might seem purple but it’s actually black-purple unless you don’t want the top coat. Without top coat it is purple mat color. It looks absolutely flawless and elegant.

And for the ladies who like a little bit more subtle colors, I suggest “passion” from the opi gel color chart. It’s really soft color, that will look good with whatever you are wearing.

Take a look at opi gel color chart once again, find the color that you like and go to your cosmetician and let them make your nails perfect with opi.